Best Crypto Apps In Nigeria To Trade In 2022

Crypto apps

Crypto apps are quite a lot and it may be hard trying to find the “right one”. Think of it like trying to pick a favourite dish at a buffet…Very stressful!

Trading or investing in crypto can be easy. With your smartphone, with a click, you are buying, selling, sending or receiving cryptocurrencies. But all of these could be easier if you are choosing the right platform. 

New crypto apps for buying bitcoin in Nigeria have sprung up. While some are genuine, others are not.

How then do you know the right app to buy crypto in Nigeria? Well… this article would be sampling top crypto apps you could try out in 2022. These apps have been chosen based on past performances, reviews, services, security and credibility. 


When it comes to breaking records, Quidax cryptocurrency exchange does it better. Quidax was launched in 2018 to make buying and selling cryptocurrency as easy and fast as possible. The commitment to this vision has made it one of the top 3 crypto exchanges in Nigeria.

Quidax has a 24/7 instant deposit and withdrawal option. Quidax currently supports users in over 70 countries and 6 continents.

The website and mobile app for ios and android cater to both the “newbies” and the “ogas” in crypto trading. Quidax is also notable for its simple user interface which makes navigation super easy.


  • Instant buy/sell: Like the name implies “instant” which means buying or selling any of the crypto offered with your naira happens in a flash.
  • Trading charts and a simple order process 
  • The Quidax API available for advanced traders and developers/Startups who want to offer crypto services.
  • Support for  7 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), XRP, Ethereum, Tether (USDT), Litecoin (LTC), Tron (TRX) and Dash. .
  • Relatively cheap transaction fees including 0% maker fees.
  • Instant bank deposit and card payments 
  • Security including 2FA

Payments could be made through a bank deposit, USSD or Card deposit and less than 5minsto be completed.It offers crypto-to-crypto transactions as well as crypto to naira transactions.

Need help? Their well detailed FAQs and responsive customer support will come to the rescue. Quidax has been remarkable in 2021 and their plans for 2022. It’s all you need for trading crypto and if you want to give them a try, sign up here.


Remitano was launched in the Seychelles in 2016. It is a peer-to-peer exchange and also provides wallet services. Like other P2P exchanges, Remitano only serves as a middleman between buyers and sellers. Remitano currently supports trading in 58 countries of the world which means their fiats are also supported. 

Remitano features include:

  • Remitano P2P exchange, where buyers meet sellers.
  • Remitano invest
  • Instant Swaps 
  • Affiliate programme
  • Good customer support.
  • Offers low prices with no hidden charges 
  • Supports 6 cryptocurrencies which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Tether.

However, security on Remitano is a bit compromised because it involves trading between strangers which is highly risky but the escrow system is in place to check that.

It is one of the few crypto apps with good reviews in providing top notch services.

Remitano is a great app!


Luno is also another fast rising exchange in Nigeria. 

Luno has one of the easiest to use interfaces too. It shares almost the same services as Quidax with little differences and their services include;

  • Instant Buy/Sell: This is known on Luno as the brokerage service (LBS). It offers the market price and allows users to buy and sell your cryptocurrencies instantly.
  • Luno’s trading room filled with charts and indicators. 
  • The Luno API available for advanced traders and developers.
  • Wallet support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple. 
  • Luno supports five cryptocurrencies which include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple(XRP), Bitcoin Cash(BCH) and Litecoin. It supports about 5 fiat currencies which include Euro (EUR),South African Rand (ZAR), Naira (NGN), Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) and the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).
  • Bank transfers, Card Deposits payment options
  • Security guaranteed 

Their transaction fees may seem high and quite confusing and there’s a risk of having to pay hidden charges. It is important to double-check before purchasing to avoid such occurrences. 

Conclusively, Luno is fast growing even though there are few lapses as regards customer support, limits and fees but it’s still a great app to buy your cryptocurrencies in 2022.


Yellow Card is a new platform sponsored by Binance to enhance adoption of cryptocurrencies in Africa.

Yellow Card’s mission is to get Africans involved in crypto trading.

Yellow Card offers

  • Multiple payment option
  • Bitcoin purchases online and offline from any of its agents.
  • Easy top up from their account or with cash.
  • Accepts cash, card payment and bank transfer.
  • YellowCard supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash. 
  • Agent/merchant sign up available.
  • Easy and secure interface.

Yellow card app for crypto trading contains a comprehensive FAQ section that answers questions its users might have. Complaints could also be directed to the customer support via social media platforms.

Yellow card is recommended for your crypto deals. 


Rapid Pay allows you to receive or send money in split seconds to any Nigerian bank account from any part of the world at no cost instantly using Bitcoin. It could be your go-to app for international transfers eliminating unnecessary protocols and geographical boundaries.

Rapid Pay offers; 

  • Instant currency or bitcoin transfers 
  • Generation of a special Bitcoin wallet address for any Nigerian bank account automatically. 
  • Good rates
  • Bitcoin trade

Rapid Pay is new but it’s really reliable, safe and secure with excellent reviews from users.

Depending on what you look out for in an app for crypto trading, these listed crypto apps are more than enough to serve you. They are reliable and they provide great services for your crypto needs.