Bluehelix Unites With AnChain.AI For Compliance Solutions Globally


Bluehelix and AnChain.AI, a cybersecurity firm partners to proffer global compliance solutions with Blockchain Ecosystem Intelligence (BEI) to enhance security and with hopes to help in meeting AML standards.

AI-powered cybersecurity company, AnChain.AI  announced the launch of its BEI preventive API risk engine beside leading DeFi services & tech provider Bluehelix, to address the rising challenges of compliance in the digital asset economy. AnChain.AI is committed to improving blockchain security, risk, and compliance strategies. It has comprehensive expertise in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data. Additionally, it is continuously acquiring leading crypto exchanges, DeFi, protocols, DApps, wallets, custodians, and enterprises.

However, Bluehelix is a blockchain financial infrastructure provider, collectively funded by Huobi, OKEx, and another 56 first-class institutions. Bluehelix Cloud offers technical solutions of Spot, Margin, Futures, Options, OTC trading system, and liquidity services with full-stack solutions and industrial SaaS CSM service standards. 

AnChain.AI BEI And Bluehelix Strengthens Security

AnChain.AI Behavior-based Intelligence (BEI) connects cryptocurrency wallet addresses and transactions to real-world entities. It allows the business to secure crypto assets, quantify risk, and persist KYC/AML compliant. Moreover, it brings real-world entity intelligence to over 100 million crypto addresses smart contracts. 

Additionally, AnChain.AI Blockchain Ecosystem Intelligence (BEI) is authorizing the fight against financial crime, tracking down scammers exploiting coronavirus-driven panic through pandemic-essential product listings. AnChain.AI and Bluehelix believe that BEI can become a one-stop source to approach AML(Anti-Money Laundering) compliance requirements for exchanges. Additionally, the collaboration will render this intelligence to approximately 270 exchange clients and over 14 million end-users globally.

According to James Ju, Founder of Bluehelix, Bluehelix, and AnChain.AI will operate together to develop system security in the future. He further states that based on Bluehelix decentralized cross-chain clearing and custody technology and coupled with AnChain.AI’s artificial intelligence risk control system, the source, and destination of funds will be precisely determined. Further, he elucidates that carrying out an AML anti-money laundering review will add strength to Bluehelix’s trading system’s ecosystem.

Apart from AnChain.AI and Bluehelik, earlier Chainalysis also collaborated with Australian firms to enhance compliance practices. Chainalysis, the blockchain analysis company, declared collaborating with leading Australia-based payments provider Assembly Payments and cryptocurrency exchanges CoinSpot and CoinJar. Moreover, the association intends to enhance compliance standards. However, CoinSpot and CoinJar will apply Chainalysis KYT (Know Your Transaction) and Chainalysis Reactor for transaction monitoring and enhanced due diligence. 

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