These 4 noted Ethereum metrics just reached record highs.

Financial specialists have been boggled by the ongoing uniqueness between Ethereum’s value activity and its central development. The digital currency’s powerful on-chain insights have come to fruition in spite of it being completely uncovered by the drawback seen by Bitcoin starting late.

One clarification for this pattern is that the unstable development of the DeFi area doesn’t promptly fit ETH collecting esteem, regardless of driving exchange volume and clients to the Ethereum blockchain.

While looking past its specialized ability, there are four eminent measurements whose worth has flooded to, or past, their unequaled highs.

These measurements show that the crypto is all around situated to see further upside in the long haul.

DeFi division drives gigantic Ethereum userbase development

As CryptoSlate has been announcing, the DeFi division’s blasting fame has driven huge on-chain development for Ethereum.

This development has been steady in the course of recent months yet went illustrative a week ago with the profoundly foreseen dispatch of Compound (COMP).

COMP’s launch gave rise to a trend called “yield farming” – in which users leverage ERC-20 tokens in order to collect massive DeFi incentives. At one point, these incentives totaled at over 200% on an annual basis.

It is important to note that this trend does not directly lead Ethereum’s price to accrue value. That being said, it has given its fundamental strength a serious boost.

One such metric that shows this is its daily transaction count, which just surged past 1 million for the first time since the peak of the historic bull run in late-2017 and early-2018.

Some individuals – including Ethereum’s co-founder – are concerned that the DeFi trend will come to a harsh end due to it being driven by investors chasing massive returns.

These 4 ETH metrics just reached all-time highs

Daily transaction count isn’t the only fundamental metric that has been surging in recent times.

Spencer Noon – the head of DTC Capital – explained in a recent tweet that the cryptocurrency’s velocity, accounts sending ETH daily, token age consumed, and gas used, have all rocketed higher in recent weeks.

While referencing data from blockchain analytics platform Santiment, he said:

“A growing number of Ethereum on-chain health indicators are at or close to ATHs – Velocity – Accounts sending ETH daily – Token Age Consumed – Gas Used.”

These factors likely won’t be enough for Ethereum to break its incredibly tight correlation with Bitcoin, but they do bolster its macro outlook.

It is also possible that investors making wild gains through various DeFi initiatives will begin cycling these profits into ETH, providing it with some much-needed buying pressure.


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