Crypto’s Flawed Advertising System Is Being Changed by Bitmedia.

In spite of the fact that cryptographic forms of money and blockchain innovation have been increasing expanding notoriety in 2020, there are as yet numerous limitations with regards to being found as a digital money business. Effort is constantly entangled in beginning ventures and significantly more so in crypto where customary advertisement systems and different apparatuses have restricted the subjects by and large, a pattern that is by all accounts deteriorating, in spite of the expanded attractiveness of digital forms of money.

In an offer to drive the business forward and to give a progressively straightforward and easy to understand publicizing biological system inside the cryptosphere, Bitmedia, a key player inside the blockchain promoting scene, has reported the arrival of significant updates that will permit sponsors and distributers the same to have more opportunity by expelling limitations typically applied by customary advertisement systems, while as yet sifting undesirable substance.

“Crypto market has considerably evolved over last years and triggered changes in financial instruments and in approaches to privacy. We as a company see our mission in helping the industry grow by equipping crypto businesses with an easy-to-use and affordable tool for attracting new audience. This update that we’ve been working on for more than 8 months has brought us one step closer to our goal and has provided our clients with a number of significant improvements on the platform” – says Matvey Diadkov, the CEO of Bitmedia.

Giving Advertisers More Control

The latest update by Bitmedia will see advertisers within the platform have access to better arranged and more detailed stats on their campaigns. The update will also allow them to manage ad groups within the ad campaign seamlessly, and to run more tests in the same campaign to ensure optimized results.

Advertising professionals know that often the difference between failure and success resides in testing. Whether it be different messages, call to actions, campaigns, or visuals, A/B testing allows campaign managers to create variations of their ads and conduct statistical analysis on the performance of various versions.

Ad campaigns, ad groups, or creatives that are no longer needed can now also be easily achieved on the platform. To save time, advertisers can now also upload HTML5 ads and creatives in a smooth process.

The ‘Packages Feature’

Along with this new release, Bitmedia is also introducing its novel ‘Packages’ feature, which will allow advertisers to select specific top-performing websites and sources thoroughly picked by Bitmedia’s account managers to boost their engagement and their campaigns’ efficiency. The feature will allow advertisers to target users interested in their business, not just crypto users in general.

The new feature is part of a wider update to Bitmedia’s platform meant to boost its simplicity so cryptocurrency businesses can focus on building and growing their product and development endeavours, while trusting a professional advertising platform to spread their message in an efficient, result-driven way.

By making it easier for advertisers in the cryptocurrency industry to reach their target audience will give their teams more time to focus on building their products and service and better serve cryptocurrency users, instead of having to focus on how to get their message out there.

On Bitmedia, ads aren’t restricted unlike in traditional networks which often employ strict rules that could dilute the copy’s power and reduce click-through rates thus weakening advertisers of potential results. Moreover, many traditional ad networks have also restricted cryptocurrency advertising completely which means that the need for tailored solutions like the ones presented in Bitmedia’s Packages feature has never been so urgent.

Helping Publishers Succeed

While the recently announced launch focuses on the advertiser side of the Bitmedia platform, an upcoming upgrade will also provide publishers with multiple benefits. Among these benefits is the possibility to optimize their earnings and provide heightened flexibility when choosing and combining providers in one single ad unit.

Although a date for this update is yet to be benefited, Bitmedia is working hard to support cryptocurrency publishers and helping them succeed in the industry and is planning to release these tools within Q2 2020.

Driving innovation in the crypto advertising industry

Cryptocurrency advertising marketplace, Bitmedia, is focused on providing the tools that advertisers and publishers in the space have been missing. By doing so, Bitmedia hopes to help them and the overall cryptocurrency industry succeed. Are you an advertiser looking to share your amazing product with a wider audience? Or maybe publishers hoping to monetize its venture? Then, try out Bitmedia and contact them via [email protected]


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