Bitcoin Wallet Provider Proposes Access to Amazon, Spotify, and HBO

TAP Network has collaborated with a multi-resource crypto wallet supplier, Uphold. Wallet clients currently approach more than 250,000 name brand vendors and can spend an assortment of monetary forms, including crypto, fiat, and valuable metals.

Maintain Wallet Taps Rewards-as-a-Service Company

An organization between TAP Network and Uphold wallet will let clients spend Bitcoin, gold, or fiat monetary forms at in excess of 250,000 top traders.

The multi-resource buying capacity is a piece of Uphold’s contribution. Wallet clients approach 27 national monetary forms, 30 digital forms of money, six stablecoins, and four valuable metals. It is because of TAP Network that these units of record are currently spendable all through the world.

Any possessions can be changed over into redeemable prizes through the TAP Network. This could be a Nike gift voucher, credit on Amazon, or a premium Spotify account. The prizes can likewise be held carefully or utilized at important retail locations.

Robin O’Connell, CRO of Uphold, said: 

“At Uphold, we are working to bridge old and new money systems, to enable mainstream accessibility and everyday use for digital assets. This partnership is a further extension of that by providing our customers with access to top brands and retailers and the flexibility to make transactions in any currency in their Uphold account.”

The partnership offers the ability to donate to any of TAP Network’s partner charities, including the American Cancer Society, Red Cross, and frontline workers tackling COVID-19. It doesn’t matter if the donation is in gold, Bitcoin, or Euros, Uphold facilitates the seamless transfer of all value. 

The CEO and co-founder of TAP Network, Lin Dai, said:

“Uphold has a diverse and active international user base and supports not only crypto-currencies, but also 30+ countries local currencies in their app. Layering our merchant network and technology not only means bringing more utilities to cryptocurrencies, but also means allowing international users access goods and services in the U.S. that was hard to purchase previously if you don’t have a U.S. issued credit card.”

Both companies have a mutual partnership with the privacy-centric crypto browser, Brave, too. 

To claim the Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), users earn when surfing the web, they must first set up an Uphold wallet. A similar partnership with TAP Network allows US-based Brave users to redeem their BAT tokens for gift cards with top retailers like Starbucks and American Airlines.

Users can also turn small amounts of value into opportunities to enter sweepstakes or win prizes. This could be front row seats to your preferred sporting event or even a Zoom cool with your favorite celebrity. Lin added that “users can also enter in sweepstakes to win a $100 gift card for as little as $0.10 equivalent in various tokens. In the future, we plan on rolling out additional options such as 70% off your travel bookings around the world.


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