Bitmain Starts new Antminer S19 series, but Faces Critisism From The Crypto Community.

Bitmain, the world’s biggest mining equipment producer, has reported the dispatch of another arrangement of ASIC diggers, the Antminer S19. Be that as it may, Bitmain has been vigorously condemned as it set the conveyance date for the sold-out arrangement for May 11, a day after the planned Bitcoin halvening.

Bitmain’s new excavator arrangement sells out in a day

Bitmain, the worldwide pioneer in the creation of equipment gear for digital currency mining, reported another arrangement of their ever-well known Antminer rigs. The organization reported the official deals dispatch of the new arrangement on Mar. 23, saying that the main period of the deal will be focused on Chinese clients, while universal deals would be declared soon after.

The organization’s essential digger arrangement went for around $2,180 while the genius adaptation costs around $2,900. The two variants were sold out in under 24 hours, as per data from Bitmain China site.

Bitmain’s first form of the Antminer S19 will accompany a hashrate of 95 TH/s and vitality proficiency between 4.5 J/TH (joules per terahash). The Antminer expert, then again, will accompany a hash pace of 110 TH/s and vitality productivity of around 29.5 J/TH.

However, Bitmain’s Antminer S19 launch wasn’t very well received by the crypto community. Many criticized the company for setting up the shipping date for their newest miners as May 12, the day after the scheduled Bitcoin halving.

Jason Urgo, the CEO of SocialBlade, criticized the company for holding the miners for themselves and deciding to ship them only once they’ve gotten the most use out of them.

He tweeted:

“Shipping May 11thish. Gee I wonder why you picked that date lol. I thought you guys said you didn’t use them yourself first before shipping them? Or is it just to make sure the ones you do have for you get the most out before you ship these.”

Others went hard on Bitmain for already beginning to work on the S21 series, saying that with a new miner already in production, miners will have a hard time seeing a return on investment on their S19s.

Apart from that, many miners called on the company to release a profit calculator for their popular products, as the current prices of the S19 series might mean that miners never see a return on their investment.

source: cryptoslate

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